Plan Design

  • Plan design is a particular area of our expertise. Every plan we design or help design is unique, but the results tend to be the same:

    • Reflects the specific health goals of the company
    • Provides best practice risk reduction strategies
    • Is efficient and compliant
    • Ensures a return on investment on healthcare services

We also look beyond the discount, because provider network discounts are only part of the story. The impact of lower utilization, vigilant claims review, health risk management, population health management, wellness programs and a more knowledgeable consumer base not only lessens the importance of the lowest discount, but more often than not, actually reverses the cost increase trend. In fact, Prairie States consistently holds trend for customers at less than 3%.

  • Good to know about Prairie States:

    • We have complete fee transparency and unlike most of our competitors, we do not receive any revenue from PPOs or PBMs
    • Provides best practice risk reduction strategies
    • We are flexible and work with over 40 PPOs nationwide, 10 PBMs and a dozen stop loss carries
    • Our average group size is 470 lives