Customized Plan Design

We’ll work with you and your broker to design a benefits plan that reduces your costs and improves your employees' health in ways you never thought possible.

Our specialty is developing a customized plan design that ensures a return on your investment for healthcare services. It will reflect the specific health goals of your company and provide effective risk reduction strategies.

  • The foundation of plan design is data. It’s the key to truly understanding how to reduce costs over time. Therefore, we analyze:

    • Claims and prescription data
    • Health risk appraisals and biometrics
    • Condition management data
    • Wellness programs
    • Demographic profiles
    • Average tenure and turnover rates

Through data analysis, we can understand risks and your plan’s cost drivers. We then structure your plan to address those issues while meeting the needs of your employees and their families. Year after year, employee health outcomes improve and healthcare costs are reduced.