Wellness Programs

Your employees’ health is a good indicator of your company’s health, which is why wellness programs are finally becoming more of a norm and less of a novelty. Again and again, excellent wellness programs result in greater employee engagement, lower healthcare costs, higher productivity and lower absenteeism. Prairies States’ in-house programs are no exception, and in the case of Optimal Health, lead the way with an ROI as high as 13:1.

Case Management and Utilization Management are part of every plan. Optional services include Condition Management, which treats long-term or chronic conditions; Optimal Health, which features one-on-one health coaching, and FiveStar Health, which offers full-service attention to the member.

Enhance your plan with wellness programs that will have an immediate impact on member health, morale, and the bottom line. For more information on these wellness services and programs, please click on the link below: