My Prairie Online Account

Anytime and anywhere, you can have access to all your health benefits plan information with the My Prairie online portal. From this website, simply log in to your private and secure account. Then you can choose to watch the tutorial on what information is available and where to find it, or jump right in.

You’ll be able to see up-to-date and detailed information about all aspects of your health benefits plan, claims status and flexible spending account (if that’s part of your plan).

You can also do things like:

  • Request an ID card
  • Use the Health Cost Manager tool to search for physicians in your area who perform specific medical procedures (subject to availaility)
  • View your latest Explanation of Benefits (EOB), which is updated every time a claim is processed
  • Explore the Employee Toolkit for helpful links to health information websites
  • Make changes to contact information
  • Ask a question
Log in and get started!