Get Everything You Want And Need

The expertise of our medical professionals is at the core of our claims administration, health management and wellness programs. This unique clinical approach ensures you get remarkable cost control with compassionate and personalized service.

Better still, switching to Prairie States is surprisingly easy. We are hands-on, forward-thinking and dedicated to delivering services that are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. From eligibility to ID cards, your move will be incredibly smooth.

  • Claims Administration

    Prairie States’ track record for processing claims quickly and accurately is one of the best in the industry. And our secure, online access makes it easy to check eligibility and claims status anytime.

    Our administration services extend far beyond claims. Whether you’re trying to keep up with current legislation, implement cost reduction solutions or have compliance questions, we’re here with answers.

    • Value-Based Plan Design
    • Medical, Dental and Vision Claims
    • Hospital Bill Audit
    • Data Analytics
    • Legislative Updates and Compliance
    • Enrollment and Eligibility
    • Plan Documents and Amendments
    • Subrogation
    • Stop Loss Integration
    • PPO and PBM Partnerships
    • Short Term Disability
    • COBRA and HIPAA Compliance
    • FSAs, HRAs and HSAs
    • Benefit Debit Cards
    • Alithias: Health Cost Manager
    • Telemedicine
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    • My Prairie Online Portal
  • Health Management

    Our health management services reliably reduce costs and improve outcomes. Members have the ability to make informed decisions about their care because of the informed guidance, proactive strategies and thoughtful coaching that comes from our clinical experts. Interaction with our health management experts is also always seamless, as health management is in house and completely integrated with all our other services.

    • Condition Management
    • Case Management
    • Utilization Management
  • Wellness Programs

    Company success depends on healthy, motivated and productive employees. Optimal Health features personal health coaches who focus on educating and involving participants in healthy lifestyles. FiveStar Health is an innovative program offering participants a designated contact person who offers concierge health coordination and management services.

    Our wellness programs increase productivity, morale and loyalty while reducing injuries, presenteeism, disability costs and total health care costs.

    • Optimal Health
    • FiveStar Health
  • Online Access

    My Prairie Online Portal is our secure site where participants, employers, brokers and providers can gain access to the tools and information they need. Members and administrators can track claims, check statuses, create reports and access analytics.

    Naturally, the site also offers access to plan documents, online enrollment and wellness resources.